It all started when...

Since Bob Nelson Farmer began Gristmill landscaping in 1985, his philosophy has always been to work with nature, not against it. His creativity and love of nature is very evident in his finished projects

He has built a reputation for having a vision to see the most potential a landscape has to offer. Many of his designs have been shown in magazines, other publications, and H.G.T.V., much to the delight of his clients. A look through his portfolio will tell you this is not just a business but a love of what he does. Bob's longtime staff are in tune with his visions and work ethics; to create a seamless flow on all their projects.

Gristmill's habitat is a restored 150 year old former working gristmill in Jarrettsville, MD., on 15 acres of land redefined by Bob's hands and vision. It is also home and you are welcome to visit by appointment, a treat you will find most enjoyable.