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About Bob "Nelson" Farmer

Since Bob began Gristmill Landscaping in 1985, He's been guided by a powerful priciple......

"to plan and build landscape that complements nature's design".

This is no mere slogan, it is the watchword that Bob brings to every project. It emerges as fresh design in harmony with the natural landscape surround.

Working this principle touches many levels, from balancing topography, reshaping slope and terrain, defining edges and guiding movement, observing sunlight, moonlight, highlight and shadow, choosing flowers, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers, rocks, boulders, paths and their materials, always mindful of the multi-faceted relationships of all these elements.

In all Gristmill environments, clients connect with nature, and reconnect on each and every passage though a Gristmill designed space......time slows.

Gristmill's habitat is a restored 150 year old former working gristmill near Jarrettsville, MD, on 15 acres of land redefined by Bob Farmer's hands and vision . For nearly thirty years it has also been his laboratory, workshop, nursery, and greenhouses for his passion of growing rare Japanese Maples and other unique cultivars. It is also home, and you are always welcome.